The idea behind Club K came out of a very full and very successful after school program located in a high quality NAEYC accredited child care center licensed for ages 6 weeks-12 years.  That program was operated by the present owner and her partner from 2002- 2010. They took the concept of that program to the school campuses in 2006 and began offering day care services in the public schools to working families.

The name Club K is actually short for Kids Kastle on Campus, the campus referring to school campuses and the Kids Kastle referring to the child care center. Kids Kastle Learning Center was sold in May of 2010 to a national child care provider so the owners could focus on the school age program in the public schools, Club K. So, with the campus being the school campuses and the K being the kids, the school age program became Club K After School Zone or simply Club K for short. Because what child doesn’t want to be part of a Club? And the Zone was a way to designate different activity areas. Now we have Activity Zones in all of our programs!

Fast forward a few years. At the end of 2013, the present owner bought out her business partner who wanted to focus on other business interests.  The present owner has grown the number of locations from 8 to 13 and has enhanced the offerings of Club K over the years.

A little note about the owner.  She has been working with children and families for over 25 years as both an educator and administrator. Most of the time if you see her, you will not have any idea she is the owner of this company. She does like to get out of her office periodically and see what the kids are doing and visit with staff and parents. One of her favorite activities is to interview the kids about what they are doing and what they like best (or least) about Club K. Kids tell it all and she has found the information to be very useful for future program planning.

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