Inclement Weather, Emergency Closures, Delayed Start Policies

Club K follows individual school district announcements for inclement weather, emergency closures or delayed start times. Tuition is not reduced due to absences, vacations, suspensions, weather related closures, school district closures/delays, holidays, etc. Below are methods Club K and you can use to keep up to date on program closures.

Emergency Closure Notification Methods Provided by Club K:

1.) Facebook: Inclement weather alerts are posted on Facebook: Please “like” our Club K Facebook page, to ensure you are getting the most current inclement weather alerts:

2.) E-mail Communication: Inclement weather alerts are communicated via email. E-mail notifications are sent out as soon as district decisions or Club K decisions are made to the primary

and secondary account holders email addresses listed on registration paperwork.

3.) Flash Alert: You can also subscribe to the flash alert system to receive notifications from your school district and Club K about delays or cancellations. To receive notifications of delays or cancellations due to inclement weather or emergencies, the Flash Alert Messenger App is a great download option.

  • Download the App: Flash Alert Messenger

  • Register using your email address and a password of your choosing

  • After you are registered, subscribe to the organizations of interest:

  • Go to “Add Subscription”

  • Select Portland/Vanc/Salem under Region

  • Select Club K After School Zone under Organization

  • Select Subscribe

4.) You will receive emails/push notifications for any alerts regarding your subscribed organizations in the event of a delay or cancellation.