Homework Assistance

Homework assistance is offered every day during the school year. Homework is supervised by Club K staff and takes place in the regular activity space.

Homework Station

In the Homework Station students have the opportunity to work on school projects and work sent home by their teacher.  They get it done after school so you have more time for fun with your family!

Homework Assistance

30 minutes of quiet time is set aside at each location for students to get started on their homework. Students without homework participate in other quiet activities such as reading, drawing, word searches, and card games or are provided supplemental activities to practice their knowledge or learn new skills. Students with more than 30 minutes of homework can continue to work on it during Zone time.

Each Club K location is stocked with homework supplies such as pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, calculators, rulers, dictionaries, etc. in case students have forgotten theirs. Limited, supervised internet access is available for students who are required to do internet research.

Because time is limited, Club K staff facilitate the starting of homework and leave the finishing and checking for accuracy to parents. If your child has special homework needs, please speak to the Site Director at your location.