Club K Activity Zones

Art Zone

Express yourself! Through painting, paper, drawing, crafting, and other expressive media students have the opportunity to express their creativity and explore their artistic side.

Construction Zone

Building takes practice, math skills and patience. In the construction zone we encourage students to use a variety of materials to create three dimensional representations of buildings, cities and much more!

Game Zone

The Game Zone is twofold.   Double the activities, double the fun.  Physical activities in the game zone include group games and music.  Quieter activities include board games and card games.   Learn good sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork while having fun with friends.   

Quiet Zone

Want to chill out? Hang with friends? In the quiet zone it is all about individual or small group activities. Read a good book, listen to some music or just talk with a friend. As long as you keep the volume down low you are welcome to join in.


Through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, students have the opportunity to explore their world using interdisciplinary real world applications. Complete science experiments, build models and solve math problems while having fun in this zone!

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