Introducing the Innovation Station

Introducing: Innovation Station

Club K’s STEM Based Exploration Club

Club K is excited to announce our newest Exploration Club: Innovation Station!  Based on STEM learning experiences, each site will experience 8 different exploration sessions where students will study the world around them, answer real world problems, utilize technology and resources, design a process to solve problems, and incorporate math in real world applications.

Session topics will include, but are not limited to, Not So Simple Machines, Next Steps for Space Exploration, The Underwater Universe, Big Time Battery Power and more!

STEM based activities develop a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives.

What to expect:

– Explorations that focus on real-world issues and problems

– Explorations that enable students to create and develop solutions

– Explorations that immerse students in hands-on inquiry

– Explorations that involve students in productive teamwork

– Explorations that apply new math and science content to your child’s experience at Club K